18 June, 2012


Along with a lot of lunching and lounging last weekend, I finally replaced my well over worn pistol boots with a pair of ACNE's star boots. I say well over worn because I have quite literally worn these boots to death - I've had them resoled twice and even attempted to resole them a third time. I know that sounds slightly insane but it's A LOT harder to find a good pair of comfortable, black leather ankle boots thank you think. That, or I'm seriously fussy. I'll post some more pictures of these bad boys in the days ahead. Until then, happy Monday!



  1. I couldn't fork out the cash so I decided to buy the Steve Madden copies of the pistol boot. However after the first few wears I realised they weren't very comfortable!
    Do you find the Acne boots comfortable? Wondering whether it's worth investing in a pair..

  2. I find ACNE boots super comfortable! I honestly swear by them. As I mentioned I've had my black pistols resoled twice because I couldn't bring myself to trade them in! That said however, because all their boots are fully leather - lining, sole and upper included- they do need to be worn in. The first week or so of wearing my pistols, I couldn't wear them much longer than a few hours. A lot of my friends had the same problem but once worn in, they are great. I'd say they are definitely a worthwhile investment! x