21 April, 2010

Show A Little Back Bone

Nylon Frocks
At this moment in time I'm all about all things long. This would probably explain why I'm already ridiculously attached to this oversized shirt by Nylon Frocks that's about to rob me of a portion of this weeks pay cheque. I love the open back detail. I seem to be attached to tops and dresses with open backs at the moment too. The fact that it's black and made of chiffon, or what appears to be a chiffon like fabric, makes it even more appealing. And if you take a closer look at the picture, you will be able to see that it even has thumb holes! How practical! I might be saving to go overseas but sometimes it's really hard to say no.


Source: My Catwalk


  1. this is insane! im weighing up my bank account as to purchase or not! mycatwalk is so quick with deliveries so you will have it in no time so post photos!

    where are you headed overseas?

  2. Excellent, I definitely will! NYC & LA. X