21 April, 2010

Discre Mori

Whenever I go shopping I have a habit of putting designers names I haven't heard of in the notes section of my phone. I can admit it's always a little akward standing in the middle of the store as I type the designers name in because I get the feeling the shop assistant is staring over my shoulder seriously questioning what the hell I'm doing. The idea behind it is that I will take down the name and then go and lurk their website when I get home. This generally doesn't happen though because by the time I get home I've forgotten about it. Although, today I was going through the notes section of my phone and looked up this jewelry designer - Discre Mori. I really can't remember for the life of me what shop I saw this jewelry in. Possibly, and weirdly, at Scandlan and Theodore of all places. I wouldn't take my word for it though. Anyway, she's got some really kooky pieces. Check them out here: http://www.discemori.com/


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