07 April, 2010

Help Me Hunt

I'm on a hunt and a very delayed hunt at that. All my pondering has resulted in these rings being no-where to be found. You know when you stare at something for a long period of time and think to yourself - "yeah, I'll get it next time" - ? Well this is exactly what has happened here. And now, because I'm really struggling to find these rings, I want them even more. It's ALWAYS the way. It's a bit similar to that saying about absence making the heart grow fonder except I never actually had the rings to begin with. Does anyone know where I can find either of these rings (preferably the middle one) on the Internet or anywhere in Australia? Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Source: Cultstatus


  1. here


    but they're all sold out at the moment x

  2. That's where I got the pictures from but they couldn't tell me when they're getting more :( Thanks anyway Angie!

  3. gahhhh.
    im hunting for one too courtney..(haha this is jacqui, brooke M's friend if u didnt know)

    ill let u know if i find them somewhere aswell.
    im looking for the pink or the turquoise one.

    good luck!