05 February, 2014


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When I was 10 years old, I went on one of my first family holidays to New York. It was the year 2000.

At this time, I was going through my ‘know-it-all’ stage, and being in New York combined with this brat attitude had me thinking I knew a lot about fashion. Needless to say, I knew little of the sort and my favourite brand was a close tie between Roxy and Rusty.

My knowledge of American fashion was minimal though, the one brand I was familiar with thanks to Jules (Mum) was Donna Karan. I knew very little about DK, but I did know it wasn’t something my friends could get in Australia – this is where my brat attitude again rears its head. So, in an effort to ensure I came home with the coolest pieces from the Big Apple, I convinced my mum to buy me a Donna Karan fitted black t-shirt, crop style, featuring ‘DKNY’ branding and a small outline of the New York skyline.

*Note: I was a relatively chubby child and the t-shirt was extremely fitted and by no means flattering.

I wore it every single day on that trip, mainly with pedal pushers and a white puffer jacket over top I had earlier conned my mum into buying me in Los Angeles. You can imagine how well the whole look complemented my figure.

Now in 2014, as Donna Karan's diffusion DKNY collaborates with Opening Ceremony to redefine the essence of street-cool, you can imagine I'm pretty excited about it all. Don't worry though, I'll be be swapping out my now 14 year old crop-top look for one of the above or below.

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(I'd surely be getting rid of these pedal pushers, too ^^)

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