10 November, 2011

Versace x H&M

I'm all about collaborations this week and one collaboration that has been impossible to ignore is that between Versace and H&M. While Versace isn't my brand of choice, I can still appreciate the idea behind these two labels coming together. Although the gains for H&M seem endless, it is questionable as to whether or not the Versace brand will benefit in the same way. What do you girls think? Please share your thoughts!

Source: Oyster


  1. I'm personally not a big fan of Versace either. Honestly I don't really like any of the designs, but that's just my opinion according to my style. I feel like the Versace + H&M collab is overly hyped about also. Yet again though, that's my opinion.


  2. loving your blog!1 i love your profile pic!!
    ps i agree about the over hype!

    just finished this music video! come check it out pls and let me know what you think!

    ps im following you!


  3. Personally, I am super excited for this collaboration! I think it'll be interesting to see a couture brand known for crazy, eccentric designs collaborate with a simplistic, high street store <3

  4. god the whole collection is soooo good! love your blog!