01 August, 2011

Green Dream

Late last week I finally convinced myself to invest in a bright green Comme De Garcons pouch and, despite that every second person has asked me if it's my primary school pencil case, I couldn't love it much more. In the past, I've never been much of a small bag girl due to my terrible tendency to carry half a house around with me everywhere I go. Though, this pouch has proven to be quite a convenient size as it comfortably holds an additional wallet, mobile phone and sunglasses. It also fits perfectly in my hand bag, acting as an oversized wallet when I need to carry a little bit more than the daily necessities.



  1. Love the Commes de Garcons pouch. XD

  2. Amazing! It's just so sad that some people live in a world where a Comme des Garcons pouch could be considered for a pencil case. Let's pray for them ;)