04 July, 2011

Knitted Needs

These are two of my very favorite knits at the moment. The first of these being by the one and only Isabel Marant and the second by Swedish label Velour. I've searched high and low for that pink Marant sweat on the net and am yet to even come close. Although, late last week while shopping for a birthday present for my boyfriend, I managed to stumble across the Velour knit at Somewhere store here in Melbourne. Sadly, the nature of last weeks visit didn't exactly support my knitted needs, so, I'm praying that it hasn't managed to run off on me before my next visit. As both of these pictures show, it is the perfect pullover for Spring!

Source: Columbine Smille


  1. i was gonna blog about this too ;) zara have an amaze blue one exactly the same as the marant and comes in red too. and sportsgirl have a purple one pretty much exact to the marant one. seen it on the weekend :) xx


  2. Love your blog everything is sooo pretty!!! Kate xx

  3. i had a look at the sportsgirl one it looks nothing but a cheap imitation, it's holey and cheap looking but they did use similar fabric. There is this isabel marant one on eBay at the moment in size 0.

  4. I like knits, this year are so in fashion, but I wonder if they fit everyone, I guess only very thin people, kisses!
    Monia, Rome

  5. Thanks for all of your comments girls!

    I just thought I'd respond to some because you've left some really good feedback!

    Anonymous -- Thank you SO much for the Ebay hint! I actually can't believe that I didn't even think to Ebay it! I agree with what you had to say about the Sportsgirl imitation as well. Personally, I know I couldn't bring myself to buy an imitation of this jumper because absolutely nothing would compare. I also find that a lot of Sportsgirl clothing shrinks, so, I'm always really hesitant to buy their clothes!

    Monia -- Although a lot of the girls we've seen in this jumper are very slim, particularly Kate Bosworth, I don't think that means you necessarily have to be thin to wear it. You can always buy the jumper a size or two bigger to achieve that oversized, relaxed look!