11 July, 2011

Haute Couture

While I would never turn down the opportunity to sit in on one of his shows, I would just as much jump at the chance to sit in, behind the scenes, at a pre-show fitting in Karl Lagerfeld's office. This year, more so than the last, I've been increasingly interested in Haute Couture. I blame the royal wedding and Kate Moss tying the knot. God forbid that the moment I saw the Givenchy collection I thought, 'that would make such a beautiful wedding dress!'. This, coming from the girl who has sworn to her parents for the last ten years of her life she would never get married, all seemed quite bizarre. Though, there is certainly nothing wrong with changing or expanding tastes. Hopefully after watching this short clip you'll be craving couture too!

Source: Youtube via Vain and Vapid


  1. you're right. im abosultely craving!!


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