01 June, 2011

Spanish Vogue

Magdalena Frackowiak
Vogue Spain
June, 2011

I have to admit that I'm still really quite attached to this Celine shirt. I don't think I'll ever become unattached to the thought of wearing it over a Missoni bikini on a tropical beach while embracing a killer tan and tousled curls. Pretty dreamy, hey? Although, after reading the 'Shoot Me' editorial in this months issue of Russh, which, I have to say is one of my favorite issues thus far this year, I did have to ponder the thought that maybe Celine is becoming a little bit overexposed. In this article, Maya Villinger draws attention to how often the fashion pack dress themselves in the brand from head to toe. After briefly thinking it over, I could then recall this specific print on at least three different editors alone. And, of course, Kanye West who, I must admit, was the epitome of cool in this shirt at Coachella this year. What do you girls think?


Source: Picsandmodels

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  1. that blouse reminds me a lot of kanye west in coachella, the big scandal that he was wearing women's clothes, i liked your blog

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