10 May, 2011


When it comes to hairstyles, my preference is constantly changing. After having long hair for the majority of my life, the constant bickering of hairdressers telling me how 'unhealthy' and 'unloved' it was finally got to me and the next thing I knew, my hair was half the length it was before in what felt like a split second. Even now, when it's (almost) grown back, I still can't decide what I prefer. Although, I do know that my recent love for the 'ponytail' favors long hair. After spying a few new pony looks being channeled at RAFW last week, I began to lurk about the beauty section of style.com. I loved the elegant simplicity of the pony's below from Dries Von Norten's fall show last season. The gold clip really adds an extra something to that plain old pony. It would only be natural for me to now ask -- What do you prefer?

...and... does anyone know where I could get myself one of these golden clips?


Source: Style.com, Into the Gloss

1 comment:

  1. those perfect ponytails make me miss my long hair.
    pure hair lust!