12 April, 2011

Made Of Copper

Last weekend whilst working I served a girl on holiday from Sydney wearing the most amazing copper cuffs that were unpredictably complemented by fluorescent yellow nail polish. Sounds like a bit of a weird combination, right? They distinctly reminded me of the Margiela arm cuffs and at first, I was almost convinced it was them and I was beginning to turn green with envy. Curiosity got the better of me of course, and I soon found out they weren't quite the Margiela cuffs I'd first thought they were but rather, they were apart of Kirrily Johnston's Autumn / Winter Accessories collection. From here it was really standard protocol to head straight to the Kirrily Johnston website and voila, there they were. Now would probably be the right time to stop referring to these cuffs as a pair, because after visiting Johnston's online store I soon found out that you can't actually purchase them as a pair - they are available for individual purchase only. The store also has an amazing serpent-like necklace (as pictured below) which I am beginning to think that I may lust after even more so than I do the cuffs. Either way, I'm pretty keen to attempt to rock a fluro and copper combo... and to head to the Kirrily Johnston store to suss out the snake. You can check out the cuffs and the necklace on the Kirrily Johnston website HERE.



Source: Kirrily Johnston & My Catwalk


  1. that necklace is incredible! love these copper tones.

    +Miss M+

  2. Unbelievable, I have been, for days now, searching via web, photos and info on the "long necked" women of Burma/Thailand. I have been fascinated by them since I was a child...


    The necklace you posted is absolutely fabulous!