20 January, 2011

Winter Wishes

As winter stock starts to fill the racks of stores here in Melbourne, I can't help but start to feel ridiculously excited about this Winter. And it's definitely not because I fancy being cold or rained on. There just seems to be something that little bit more exciting about fall fashion in comparison to that of Spring/Summer. When it's hot I can't think of wearing much more than a pair of loose fitting shorts with a simple singlet or a dress. However, when it's cold you can be far more adventurous and wear multiple layers of clothing. I went into Country Road today and couldn't help but pull half of the pieces from their new range off the racks. At the moment, I'm obsessed with anything burnt orange and Country Road couldn't have more variations of a basic burnt orange tee if they tried...and I'm not complaining. I loved this very basic long sleeve tee with either this mesh or stripy jumper over the top. Either mix paired with a deep wine lipstick is my winter dream!


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