12 October, 2010

Milan Spring Fashion Week: Marni

My favourite thing about Marni is, by far, their amazing accessories. And by amazing accessories, I really just mean their statement necklaces (refer to second picture). When I first saw this collection I couldn't help but associate it with swimwear. Those little hats remind me of swimming caps, the bike shorts underneath remind me of wet suit pants and the colours, particularly the blue and yellow, instantly reminded me of the beach. I always find that when I look at collections I focus far too much on the clothing as being 'looks' rather than individual pieces. For instance, if I pulled the top / shorts / body suit - whatever it is exactly (?) - from underneath that first look and put a bright coloured slip of sorts under it, paired with some seriously chunky silver accessories and shoes, I'd wear it. That's what I like about this collection - the fact that it can be pulled apart and reinterpreted in various ways. I also really like the shoes in the last two looks, the red lips and the beach like hair.


Source: Style.com

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