04 August, 2010

Functional Fashion

Earlier this week I was struck down with the common cold and since then my body temperature has been painfully erratic. Sitting outdoors at my Uni's cafe is like sitting out in the middle of Antarctica. Today whilst getting heffed up on caffeine in such an environment, I eyed this Preen jacket on the Forward website and in that moment, I felt just that little bit warmer. With a detectable fur collar, this jacket is practically two jacket's in one. So, when you get sick of the fur, that's if you possible ever could, you can take the collar off. Or, if fur goes out of fashion which, is definitely likely, and later comes back on trend, you can wear it without the fur when it's out and with the fur when it's in. Functional fashion has never been so appealing!


Source: Forward by Revolve

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