01 August, 2010

Christine McKeown

A few days ago I discovered this Australian artist turned designer, Christine McKeown, whilst walking past Portobello Lane on Chapel Street. I know I've been posting a lot of jewlery lately but, I feel like their is some kind of jewelry or, more broadly, an accesories revival going on in the fashion world at the moment. Portobello Lane is probably my favourite jewelry boutique in Melbourne and when you see designers like this filling the window display cabinets, it's hard not to be dragged in the stores doors. McKeown's rings, particularly those featured here, do have an art deco like quality. Although, some of her other designs are made of sterling silver and really beautiful multi-coloured stones. McKeown currently doesn't have an online store although you can view more of her pieces on the Portobello Lane website - www.portobellolane.com - or in store.


Source: Portobello Lane

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