13 July, 2010

Paris In Couture

Love her or hate her, Olivia Palermo never ceases to amaze me when it comes to her personal style. To me, she here defines the meaning of beautiful. I am yet to see this outfit facing forward however, from the angle in which this photograph has been taken, it would appear that her dress, clutch and soft gold bracelet are a perfectly complementing combination on her. Those luscious curls also work hand in hand with the dress' pattern. I envy her sophistication and of course, her vintage jewelry collection. A vintage Cartier or Rolex, both of which I've spied wrapped around her wrist in episodes of the City, is definitely something worth flaunting! I'm also crushing on her in the photo below. I've never been infatuated with couture like I have been with ready to wear. Although, when I see pictures of such extravagant dresses worn this well I can't help but crave dressing up. She looks quite girly in what I think may be a Valeninto in the bottom picture although, I could definitely envision it being worn in a less girly or flirtatious way.


Source: Tommy Ton for Style.com & Stockholm Street Style

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  1. I love her, girls got style ! :)