01 June, 2010

Welcome to the desert

Jil Sander
At first I wasn't into the whole 'desert boots with heel' trend that seems to have swept across and, in the process, overtaken every shoe store in Melbourne. Although, like most trends I start off confused by, I am finding myself flirting with the idea of attempting to nail a pair of shoes like these. I say a pair like these shoes by Jil Sander merely because sadly, they're not really in the 'struggling uni student' budget. I definitely prefer them as a day heel rather than a night heel. Even after being given an intense work out with the suede protector, if I wore these desert babies out at night it's safe to say that they would look like I had literally been to the desert and back the next day. But, with a good pair of jeans, a tank and nice leather jacket or blazer during the daytime, these could prove to be the perfect day heel.


And while I'm on the topic of Jil Sander, I spotted these rings on her website. I really like the black one. Dateless and simple.


Source: Saks & Jil Sander

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