10 June, 2010

Oh, Davi!

And here I was thinking I was over leather pants. I don't know why I bothered trying to deceive myself. They continue hold a place in my heart and probably will for awhile still. Although, I'm still of the opinion that leather pants are, however, one of the hardest items of clothing to pull off. In all honesty (excuse my negativity here), they are rarely worn well. It's really a case of getting the right pair made of the right quality on the right person. My first initial thought when I saw these davi leather's by Acne was that of a photo of Christine Centenera wearing a pair quite similar to these by Australian basic's and denim label, Bassike, at a recent fashion week. I tried to hunt the pants down for awhile but I had absolutely no success. But! There is a Bassike sale next weekend here in Melbourne so maybe my luck will change come this time next week. Anyway, the moral of the story here, or should I say of this post, is that leather pants are here to stay and if you have ability to pull them off, wear them like a second layer of skin.


Source: Acne

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