17 May, 2010

Ring Me A Million

I was very excited to come home last Friday to find a little package awaiting my arrival on my front doorstep. Inside the package was a little sterling silver ring as featured to the right of the photo's below. It's really light weight and I love it because it matches with absolutely EVERYTHING. I could put any other item of jewelry on my body and it would match. I'm emphasizing this whole matching business quite a bit because I have a bit of a phobia of wearing gold and silver jewelry together. I have no idea why. I've just never been able to master it. But, never mind! The ring came courtesy of Lu Shae jewelry so, a big thank-you to Sarah for sending me this. You can check out some other of their designs using the link below. The cross ring is also a new addition to my jewelry collection. I picked it up from a jeweler tucked away in an arcade here in Melbourne. It may seem familiar to some of you because it looks identical to the one worn by Rumi on the Fashion Toast that is from Forever21. It's a connector ring and if I had a dollar for every person who has asked me if it is annoying to wear, I'd be making quite a few easy dollars! I know it looks really beaten up in this picture and I'm not going to lie...it has scratched REALLY easily. Although, it's a lot less noticeable in real life.




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