23 May, 2010

Eleven Keys To My Heart

My current wish list in a nut shell (or part there of). I found out those Alexander Wang boots, which I had previously posted, also come in brown. I think I prefer them in the brown. For some reason the shade of brown it is tones really well with black. Attachment confirmed. Also! I would really like to hear from someone who owns the YSL Arty Oval ring in coral. I want to know how orange it is in real life. I've seen heaps of bloggers pictures but in some it looks really quite orange and then I've been told it's more pinky? Ergggggh, all too confusing!

From left to right - Alexander Wang Singlet, Josh Goot Dress, Alexander Wang Shorts, Alexander Wang Bag, YSL Ring, Proenza Schouler Braclet, Prada Wallet, Chanel Nail Polish, Helmut Lang Jumper Dress, Alexander Wang Boots, Rick Owens Leather Jacket.


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