26 May, 2010

Crack of Dawn

I tried to convince myself that if I got up at 7am, I could get going on finishing an assignment that is due today but realistically, this wasn't going to happen. After eating breakfast, showering and what not, it's straight to the blog world for me...and also straight to the Forward by Revolve clothing website. I have a serious jones for jumpsuits at the moment and this A.L.C one is no exception. Actually, scrap the "at the moment" part of that sentence. I just have a serious jones for jumpsuits in general. Especially when they are black. And only black. With my dream Alexander Wang Diego bag and some heavy ass shoes, for instance those one's that found my wardrobe from ebay, this could be sweet. Shame it's about 4 degrees outside!


Source: Forward by Revolve


  1. Is that a jumpsuit?Love it!

  2. Yeppp! I really like the zip under the arm. It's small but it'd probably be a bit boring without it.

  3. I love that jumpsuit!!! It looks so awesome! that zipper placement is genius! Follow me too! Http://dirt-cheapchic.blogspot.com/