27 April, 2010


At the moment I have a serious shoe addiction. Twelve months ago when people would ask me if I had a lot of shoes, because I worked in a shoe store, I would say no. I probably still would have said no if they asked me that two days ago before I cleaned out the shoe section of my wardrobe which led me to realize I had been lying all along. The fact that my shoes now extend outside the wardrobe may be a hint that things have become slightly out of hand. But irrespective of this recent discovery, I still manage to waste a lot of time looking up shoes on the Internet, like I am right now, and continue to make little plans in my head about how I can find a way to get the shoes into my wardrobe. Weird? Yes. And these booties pictured below are no exception. I saw these boots in Sportsgirl last week and I instantly fell in love with them. They're a really nice shade of charcoal and a really comfortable height. They also have a cool little silver zip up the back of them too, but unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the back of the shoes off the Sportsgirl website. I like to think that this may be a sign that you should go into Sportsgirl and buy up all the size 8's before I find the time to do so!

Source: Sportsgirl

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  1. These lovelies are also coming in black with a peep toe in June...