16 November, 2009


In the past month I have bought more clothing from Sass and Bide than ever before. I really like their current season. It's hard to not go into the shop and fall in love with something even if it is only one of their plain tees. I've been eyeing off this green (or citron) t-shirt for sometime now and I finally gave in and bought it last Friday. It's so light weight and delicate. The girl recommended I wore it with my leopard pants which sounded absolutely crazy at the time. I just could not envision lime green and leopard. However, today when I decided to play around on photo booth and takes some pictures of the top I already had my leopard pants on so I just stayed as I was. Turns out the leopard didn't look so bad after all. This is probably the brightest piece of clothing I own right now. My wardrobe is practically black the whole way through. A combination of hot weather and Gossip Girl has sent me into a colour frenzy. Blair and Serena just make colour look so good. I apologise for the not so good quality photos...my camera has gone to God.



[Top & Jeans - Sass & Bide, Necklace - Matt Weston]

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