13 July, 2009

Today We Found Each Other

A few days ago I walked past my local op-shop and saw this leather skirt in the window. At the time the shop was closed so I went back today to try it on. Luckily, the skirt was a small size. I usually find that when I spot a good leather skirt it is a size that is either far too big or too long for me. Anyway, this skirt is really short. So short that I don't know if I could bring myself to wear it with bare legs. I may also need my friends to remind me that I cannot bend over in it under any circumstances. While I was there I also found this denim corset. It had straps but I pulled them off. I can't decide whether or not I should stud it. I feel like I'm conforming to the stud trend on a whole new level if I do it but I secretly want to. What if it ruins the top altogether? So many questions and I want answers!


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