08 July, 2009

The Same But Different

Phillip Lim
I didn't know this Phillip Lim leather skirt existed until about two minutes ago and I am now estatic because it has allowed me to finally mention my new favourite skirt at Claude Maus. I have been wanting to write about it for roughly a week now except I haven't been very successful in finding a picture of it. It looks practically identical to this Phillip Lim number however, it is slightly shorter (or so I think judging by the pictures). Lately, I have seen a number of pictures of Ashely Olsen wearing leather mini's. These pictures have sent me on a hunt for one of my very own. I like the more 'tu-tu' style leather skirt because they provide more freedom to move. If the more narrow cut leather skirts aren't short they can be rather restricting. And while the more body hugging leather mini's are great for wearing with oversized tops, this skirt is far better for tucking in t-shirts and singlets.

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Source: Net-a-porter

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