17 May, 2009

Mimco madness

When it comes to bags, I cannot help myself.
I have more bags than any person I know.
They are the one fashion accessory that I can justify spending any amount of money on. These are my favourite two mimco bags at the moment. I like the fact that they look vintage but they aren't. I'd be lying if I said that the studs didn't attract me too. Not too long ago I purchased a bag that is completely covered in studs and while I love it, I am beginning to feel like it's just a bit too full on. Yes...there is a point when studs become too much. One of these bags would be the ultimate replacement. I'm not really a brown leather girl except I'm thinking that now is the time to change that. I generally always buy black just because it is far more versatile. Now I just have to wait patiently until my bank account allows me to purchase one of these.

Source: mimco.com.au

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